Brand Ambassador Terms

So, you love Healthcare and want to spread the word about FruiVita?

That's great news, then we would love to here from you.

By helping to spread our brand across social media, to your friends, family and work colleagues you can also make yourself a little bit of money.

We will provide you with a unique link to our site and that way we know that those tea orders that we just received were from you.

Your reward will be 5% from every bag of tea that is bought via your link.

To become a Brand Ambassador simply create an account on our website, then visit 'My Account' and click on the 'Become a Brand Ambassador' link. Fill in the simple form. We will take a look and if everything is ok, we will accept your request.

In the meantime you will have access to the link generator where you will be assigned a unique tracking code and where you can create links to products on our site.


No part of our relationship constitutes an employment contract or an offer of employment. Think of this relationship similar to that of a website and an affiliate marketeer. Where a person is financially rewarded for referring a customer to a website via a unique tracking referral link. We just don't like using the word affiliate. The Brand Ambassador is responsible for all their own applicable taxes and national insurance.


You can see how much income you have generated within the Brand Ambassador section of the 'My Account'. All sales made are manually checked to ensure that payment form the customer has cleared, before the relevent amount is allocated to the Brand Ambassador.

We prefer to make payment via paypal, and the Brand Ambassador is responsible for ensuring that their paypal email address is accurate. We can accept no liability if we transfer your monety to the wrong account due to wrong details in your 'My Account' settings.

All payment will be made monthly on the First day of the month following the month in which sales are generated.

Any chargebacks or refunds made to the customer will be reflected within the payments and adjustments made accordingly.


Nobody likes to keep receiving email after email from somebody they don't know. Nine times out of ten they will get picked up by the spam filter and blocked or at the best deleted. For this and other reason we don't tollerate spam. So if you do  it, it's likely that we will need to delete your account and give your earnings to our local food bank. Sorry, but you've been warned, so play nice.


We also don't want to be associated with certain kinds of sites, so please do not post us on sites, boards or blogs relating to pornography or other  inappropriate sites of a similar ilk. Please also remember that you are a brand ambassador so be mindful of the language that you use when discussing our company.